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The Walser are a population of German origins who arrived in the Anzasca Valley in the XII century and settled. The language, costumes and traditions have been passed from one generation to the next for centuries, and they can still be found in Macugnaga today.

The architecture of the houses, the traditional costumes worn by women during celebrations and festivities, the Titsch language spoken by the elderly, are all elements of the Walser culture that you can experience in Macugnaga.

The Walser House Museum, situated in the Borca borough, is worth a visit. Here you can explore an authentic Walser house, with its ancient furniture and a unique atmosphere.

And don’t miss a visit to the Mountain and Contraband Museum and to the Guia Ancient Gold Mine.

Useful Contacts:

Antica Miniera Aurifera della Guia
Address: Frazione Fornarelli
Phone: +39 340 3953869
Museo della Montagna e del Contrabbando
Address: Via Prati
Phone: +39 0324 65119; + 39 0324 65112
Casa Museo Walser
Address: Via Monterosa, 232
Phone: +39 0324 65440