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A new constellation is born, and we are part of it!
From June to September, sure enough, you will be able to spend a night in our StarsBOX!
What is it? It is the comfort of a proper bedroom, but with all the magic of a night under the stars… because to look at the night sky and Monte Rosa it wouldn’t been so good ever!

But what is StarsBOX exactly? StarsBOX does not look like anything else out there. It’s an elevated off-ground wooden box, double bed-sized, featuring a peculiar roof that can be opened to look at the stars while lying inside. Think about it… sleeping under the stars thanks to a convertible roof at the touch of a hand and a comfortable matrass + duvet, for a full immersion in the natural surroundings, with no filters or unnecessary infrastructures.

StarsBOX is a cross between a tent and a bivouac and can meet the needs of nature lovers looking for something more comfortable than a tent or more private than the dormitory of an alpine refuge.

To enrich your experience you could also taste a typical local dinner a tour restaurant, or a rich breakfast, to give you the energy required for a day out in the mountains.

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